Maintenance & Service

Knowledge is power


Proper automation of a machine transforms it into an economic success story, but also a powerful data engine. Targeted analysis of the data delivered provides a significant and valuable advantage that can do much more than just increase efficiency. The perfect combination of hardware and software allows for monitoring and maintenance of the machine during all hours of operation. T4A provides this powerful packet which records the data in an appropriate format that can be accessed 24/7.

All this data is the foundation of specific statistics, but also the starting point for trend analysis. But we aren’t done yet. Only remote data monitoring allows for

early alarms in the event of system problems
better targeted technical remote support
provision of specific evaluations including statistics
better targeted maintenance support.

Used correctly, the data also provides a transparent view into daily machine use, where of course performance is the main focus. Analysis and processing of this data aims to increase machine availability. Fluctuations in production output are analysed down to the smallest detail, and the correct time to exchange wearing parts is determined (predictive maintenance). Similarly, the ‘small’ repeating problems are looked at very closely, as a sum total of smaller problems can lead to an unexpected larger shut-down.

We carry out a targeted analysis of the wealth of collected data, prepare it, interpret the results and work with you to implement subsequent steps for guaranteeing continued seamless operation of your machine.

However, it’s not just the data that is significant, as unless all basic parts of a machine are functional, no data can be generated. Which is why we offer audits and inspections that evaluate the status of the machine. Conclusive functional tests of sensors, engines, valves, operating units, etc. are part of the service packet.

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