Everything at our company revolves around machine automation, because proper introduction and implementation guarantees a future-proof industry. In our eyes, however, ‘future proof’ does not simply mean increasing a machine’s performance, but also actively supporting its increased capacity.

We stand by our promise to accompany a machine through its entire life-span.

This is why our service is divided into packages. It is possible for us to integrate the machine at any stage, and as our partner, you determine the number of phases through which we accompany the machine. This means there is no limit to the way the service packets are combined.

In some ways, automation means making a machine more life-like. To do this, we use your specifications to design the heart of the machine via an ideal combination of hardware and software. The degree of automation is connected to the highest level of security and can be seamlessly integrated into your corporate environment.

But what use is a powerful heart if there is no heartbeat?

Here, too, T4A provides a high performance team which organises, supports and finalises the operation on site. This ensures that the launch runs smoothly.

Embedded within the daily corporate environment, this heart is required to increase efficiency. But it is also a critical element of success.

We mitigate critical situations for you by being right there when you need us (a technical error occurs), planning for the future (exchanging wearing parts) or safeguarding your continued success (machine optimisation).

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