Many come, some go, others stay...


We dedicate our lives to optimising machines and increasing their intelligence, but we don’t look away - we see the heart beating in the background.

T4A is fuelled by people with personality that stick to their word and use their expertise to perform wonders. Their skill is used to support our customers as they reach their goals; for us, personal relationships are the alpha and omega of a trusted partnership.

We know how difficult it is to give up responsibility and trust a partner blindly. That’s why we always keep our word, and place easy to reach personnel and open communications front and centre for our cooperation. Sealed with a handshake, we achieve greatness by combining promises, expectations and implementation.

We are driven by a love of detail, the knowledge that our partner will be satisfied with the end result, our enthusiasm for the project and our certainty that the future of the machine is assured.

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