About us

“You can’t tie a knot with one hand”
Mongolian proverb

The sentiment is not new, but day to day practice proves that many companies are missing a ‘second hand’ when it comes to planning or operation of their systems. The problem is often that there is no partner available to build on existing knowledge and internal strengths in order to produce better results.

T4A – the team for….. (Alliance, automation) centred on founding partner Thomas Kaltenberger, is made up of experienced experts with a variety of disciplines within automation; their expertise and strengths complement each other perfectly. The team members – all accomplished experts – encourage each other and combine their competence to achieve peak performance in automation.

T4A thus provides a supporting hand, so you can tie that knot and more.

Mission statement

Think differently.

Focus on solutions.

Live on the cutting edge.

Your future is our job

The focus of our philosophy is your future - for us, this means your success and your satisfaction. We define ourselves by our aspirations and our strong character:

To put it differently: if you keep doing the same thing as everyone else, you’ll never get any better: this is why we think and act differently, often unconventionally, practically, goal-oriented - breaking out of the usual thought patterns.

Experience: with the knowledge and routines that we have collected together over the years, you challenge becomes our job.

Personality: many come, some go, others stay... Personal customer contacts, ready with a hand-shake and always available when you need them; these are the tenets of our customer communication.

Authenticity: we say what we mean, put our thoughts into practice and use our skills; straightforward, always focused on your goals.

Reliability: we are always there when you need us, providing advice and assistance from the initial ideas during planning and design, right through to development and the end of the machine life cycle.

Flexibility: difficult tasks require flexibility and quick reactions: it is this challenge exactly that gets us up in the morning. We provide professional maintenance and optimisation for your system across the entire machine life cycle, even for machines that we did not develop or plan, in order to provide you with an around the clock, worry free service.

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